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Healthy Living Kitchen

We've got a great line up of experienced, qualified and passionate foodies to share some of their delicious and easy food ideas for you!

Eating healthy doesn't always seem as easy as it sounds and getting creative can be a struggle. We're here to offer some helpful tips and creative ideas for eating healthier at home. You can find out more about our Healthy Living Kitchen Guests below.




Two Raw Sisters

Saturday 11:00am

Sick of having the same boring stir-fry night after night? This Tahini Greens, Tamari + Fried Garlic recipe takes a stir-fry to the next level with a simple infused garlic and chilli oil. A dash of Tamari adds a lovely salty flavour to the vegetables. If you can’t get hold of kale, any green works perfectly. i.e silverbeet or bok choy are delicious. 

Filled with pantry staples, Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Balls are the perfect snack or breakfast on the go. 5mins to make, minimal dishes + no cooking!



Buffy Ellen

Saturday 12:00pm

Fan of afghan bikkies as a kid? If so you will love this workshop with Buffy, New Zealand’s favourite plant-based nutritionist. She’ll show you how you can make an entirely plant-based, gluten free, and refined sugar free version of your favourite Afghan Biscuits, whilst also teaching you all about sugar. What it really is, how much is too much, and which sugars you should be avoiding (hint: there’s a few misconceptions here!). Not only that, she’ll share with you her top recommended sources of sugar, and how you can easily reduce the overall sugars in your diet.



Sarah Tanner

Saturday 1:00pm

Sarah is going to share her secrets to stress-busting adaptogenic ingredients and how to incorporate them daily in some seriously delicious smoothies. From medicinal mushrooms to ancient ayurvedic herbs, she will make it all so simple to start de-stressing faster than you can say Astragalus!



Danijela Unkovich

Saturday 2:00pm

Healthy Desserts - Avocado Chocolate Mousse and 2-Ingredient Ice Cream

Dessert lover? Healthier desserts may sound like a bit of an oxymoron, but you'd be surprised what delicious sweet treats you can prepare using nutrient-rich ingredients! Avocado chocolate mousse is prepared using a base of avocado. Being so buttery themselves, they blend into a smooth thick mixture, similar in consistency to standard chocolate mousse. This dessert is source of nourishing monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamins E and dietary fibre. Plus a 2-ingredient mango coconut ice cream is unbelievably simple to whip up. It's vegan-friendly, and packed with dietary fibre for a happy healthy gut, as well as vitamin C and A. Top it with toasted coconut to take it to the next level!



Two Raw Sisters

Saturday 3:00pm

This Tahini Broccoli ticks all of those boxes. Using ingredients you will all have at home and used many times before. Crispy fresh raw broccoli, crunchy walnuts + yummy chewy cranberries tossed through a creamy Tahini Sesame Dressing.

Plus, we could eat ice cream all day everyday if we could. Some of you may be familiar with Banana Ice Cream, we have jazzed this one up a bit to taste identical to that nostalgic childhood banana smoothie. Drizzled with a creamy Tahini Chocolate Shell that hardens from the cold ice cream.




Niki Bezzant

Sunday 11:00am

Niki will share two simple, healthy, economical and delicious take-to-work lunches that are way better than sandwiches, featuring tasty combinations of vegetables, healthy carbs and fats with tons of flavour and texture. Along the way Niki will share some of the truths she’s learned in her many years of writing about food and health, and give tips and tricks for eating and living well every day. 


Healthy Food

Buffy Ellen

Sunday 12:00pm

Lacking mid-week inspo for your dinners? Look no further than these insanely delicious Spiced Cauliflower Fritters. Buffy will show you how you can make them at home, in less than the time it takes to call Uber Eats. She’ll also share with you her top tips for how to make your fritters (and baking in general) light and fluffy, without the need for eggs, dairy, and refined white flour. What’s more, she’ll teach you some of her most popular strategies for meal planning and batch cooking, so you can hit the week ahead feeling zen about your food choices.

They’re naturally dairy free, gluten free, and vegan, and the perfect showcase of how you can make a 100% plant-based meal at home. Quickly, easily, with no meat-on-the-side needed.



Sarah Tanner

Sunday 1:00pm

Sarah is going to share her secrets to stress-busting adaptogenic ingredients and how to incorporate them daily in some seriously delicious smoothies. From medicinal mushrooms to ancient ayurvedic herbs, she will make it all so simple to start de-stressing faster than you can say Astragalus!



Elle Herself

Sunday 2:00pm

Following a low carb keto diet is not all bacon and eggs!  Elle is sharing how to make a fresh keto friendly smoothie bowl that’s refined sugar-free and will keep you feeling full and satisfied!  Elle will also walk us through how to make a simple keto cheesecake mousse that takes no time at all to whip together, and is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet-tooth!



Kathy Xu

Sunday 3:00pm

Who doesn’t love takeaways? And even better when you can enjoy them more often by making healthier versions at home. Kathy Xu (@balanceyourplate) shows us that by adding extra veggies, choosing lean protein sources, and using less salt and oil, it is possible to recreate your favourites!



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