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Benefits of Combining Weight Training and Yoga

Including weight training and yoga into your weekly workout routine can provide many benefits for your body and mind - the two forms of exercise compliment each other perfectly!

Including weight training and yoga into your weekly workout routine can provide many benefits for your body and mind - the two forms of exercise compliment each other perfectly! Continue reading to learn why combining these two fantastic forms of movement can help you reach your full physical potential

Yoga improves flexibility, posture, strength, balance, coordination and body awareness. Gaining knowledge and strength in these areas will enhance your weight training by improving your overall form, allowing you to perform better, lift more and deepen your range of motion to get the most out of your workouts! Your body’s muscles are all connected, so by being in unison and strong all round you will see more progress in your strength and endurance. 


Helen Cole, DediKate Yoga Teacher

Helen Cole, DediKate Yoga Teacher


Adding yoga into your weight training week is so beneficial for recovery and rest. Yoga helps to reduce the lactic acid in your muscles, loosen them up and get the blood flowing. This is so important for weight training, because when you go to workout your muscles will not feel stiff - instead, they will be ready to work! Yoga will provide your body with the necessary recovery you need to be the best version of yourself. 

Mixing yoga and weight training helps with your overall physical and mental health. Weight training helps to maintain and increase bone density, prolong the deterioration of muscle mass in aging, helps to prevent diseases and boosts your metabolism and confidence. While yoga helps to reduce stress, relax the mind and improve endorphin levels which improves mental health.

Both yoga and weight training reduce your chances of injury. Strong and flexible muscles and an all round greater body awareness all help to keep you safe and capable in your workouts!


Kate Ivey, DediKate Founder and HIIT/Strength Trainer

Kate Ivey, DediKate Founder and HIIT/Strength Trainer


The addition of both yoga and weight training to your week gives you a well rounded healthy mind and body - and isn’t that what we’re all striving for! 

DediKate’s latest challenge ‘Power and Poise’ combines yoga and weights to increase your endurance, strength, balance, flexibility and posture. Dive a little deeper into your full physical potential and sign up today using our 2 week free trial!

Their experienced instructors are there ready and waiting to guide you on your journey!

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Dedikate team

DediKate has been designed to enable people to achieve their health and fitness goals, without having to spend too much time or energy! Our focus is on looking and feeling your best and never giving up!

DediKate has a supportive community of women who are working to make exercise a consistent part of their lives. Everything we do at DediKate is about educating and leading a healthy lifestyle long term – no quick fixes. 

DediKate is made up of a wonderful group of qualified health and fitness professionals whose aim is to provide our members with the skills and motivation required to meet their health and fitness goals. Our team at DediKate is led by our Founder and CEO Kate Ivey, she has brought on 9 Personal Trainers, a Nutritionist, a Pregnancy and Postnatal Expert and an Exercise Specialist. 

DediKate has become a one stop shop for those who want to improve their physical, mental and nutritional health!

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