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Kayla Itsines Changes Name Of Her Infamous BBG Programs

Fitness superstar Kayla Itsines announces she's changed the name of her infamous BBG Programs

Arguably the biggest name in fitness, Kayla Itsines has recently announced she's changing the name of her infamous BBG Programs. Launched in 2014, BBG (stands for Bikini Body Guide) is her signature 28-minute workout program using her effective, high-intensity circuit training style that has inspired millions of women around the world and built a huge community. In 2015 she launched the Sweat with Kayla app offering these programs and the access of the community into the hands of women everywhere. So popular was the Sweat with Kayla app, it was #1 in more than 100 countries in its first year. In 2017, an updated app Sweat, saw more trainers and more programs offered.


Kayla Itsines on yoga mat

Photo Credit: Kayla Itsines


"It has been almost 10 years since I created BBG with the positive intent that every BODY is a bikini body. However, I feel the name now represents an outdated view of health and fitness so as co-founder of Sweat, I feel it is the right time to change our approach with BBG and to evolve and use language that feels more positive for women today."



Since having her daughter Arna in April 2019, Kayla says she's more aware of the importance of the language we use. Kayla says "I want to use language that is completely positive and inspiring for all women and that is the world I want Arna to grow up in."

She adds, "Even though the Sweat with Kayla Community has a new name, nothing else is changing — the hard work, dedication and sweat of the incredible women who make up the community will always inspire me to give women the tools to feel fitter, stronger and more confident through fitness."

BBG, Kayla's original program, is now called High Intensity with Kayla
BBG Stronger, her gym-based program, is now called High Intensity Strength with Kayla.
BBG Zero Equipment, her no-equipment program you can do anywhere, anytime, is now called High Intensity Zero Equipment with Kayla.

The Sweat app has been updated and she's assured followers and her community that the workouts are the same, it's just a name change. "I want to reassure anyone doing my programs that absolutely NOTHING will change with the programs themselves. So if you are doing BBG now you will see your program is now called High Intensity with Kayla on the Sweat app but the program will be the same."

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