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Maintain your peak performance like an athlete

Being a top athlete isn’t only skill, having a proper recovery routine is vital to staying in peak shape.

Having enough sleep and good nutrition can go a long way to getting you that extra 1%. We sat down with a couple of NZ athletes and asked them what they do to recover. 


Malakai Fekitoa – Rugby Union Player (ex All Black)


Malakai Fekitoa


With rugby, we learn a lot about health, nutrition, mindset and goal setting. The food I eat, the amount of sleep I get and how I prepare for a game is very important. I tend to keep to the same routine with food, more importantly before a game. If I find a food that helps me play well, I stick to it. It is how you work as well, working smart.

Recovery is very important. Straight after the game, I have a protein shake, get on the bike for about 10-20 minutes then do a few ice bath immersions. Good nutrition is very important for my recovery, to replace the energy lost during trainings. I found that supplements have really helped me with my performance, especially Clean Lean Protein and Good Green Vitality. The difference I have felt with Nuzest products compared to other supplements is massive.



Sophie Mackenzie – New Zealand Olympic Rower


Sophie Mackenzie


After a training session I try eating within 30 minutes. Timing is so important for recovery, making sure you are eating enough and fuelling right. I always make sure I have enough carbohydrates and protein for my body weight. I usually have porridge with a serve of Nuzest Clean Lean Protein, this gives me about 20g of protein, essential for my recovery. I also do a lot of stretching, Yoga and Pilates which always helps me, and I’ll get a massage once a week for injury prevention.

I definitely need to get some protein in between a morning and evening session, so I’ll make up a quick shake with some banana and down the hatch it goes. Eating is the last thing you feel like doing after a race, but I know I need to refuel so I can recover my best, that is why I love Nuzest. 



Zoe Hobbs – New Zealand Sprinter


Zoe Hobbs


Nutrition is an aspect of performance that I take pretty seriously. It's something I'm willing to invest my time and energy into, as it's super important for my sport to make sure I'm fueled the best I can be - to maintain training load as well as perform at my best. My passion for food led me to study it at university as part of a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Human Nutrition. I've been taking pea protein for more than two years now.

As soon as I tried it, I was in love and have never gone back to any other brand or type since. I'm very cautious about supplements, but when I'm consuming Nuzest products I'm at ease as it's a brand I know I can trust. Getting good recovery from nutrition is really important and I'm grateful Nuzest can help me out with that.



Hugo Inglis – Black Sticks


Hugo Inglis


I think sleep is a crucial element as well as diet - with a huge aerobic strain, carbohydrates are key. We need stores of these so that we can back up game to game. Carbo loading is real! Then it’s making sure I have the right products during and after each match.

I use Nuzest Clean Lean Protein after each match and I will try and add some carbs in as well so a banana or some food just to make sure I have got a balance of protein and carbs. Then through the game, I drink electrolytes to hydrate.

Over the next 24 hours it is just feet up and a lot of stretching, mobility and mental recovery. I’ve started having a protein shake in the evening before bed, I find it helps promote recovery as protein synthesis also occurs whilst you’re asleep, so it is great to have quality complete protein to draw on overnight. Having pea protein has been massive for me. I used to rely on whey protein, but I always had an upset, bloated feeling.  I made the switch to pea protein and a few years later I decided to move to a plant-based diet.

Nuzest allows me to bounce back from sessions, perform at my peak physical condition for longer periods, and lift heavier weights. It sounds like such a fairy tale story, but it’s a reality. I mean I train my a** off, but I think that nutrition switch was a huge catalyst in my career. The last four years that I have been changing my diet, my hockey has been going through the roof.


You read it here first, recovery is KEY to maintaining your peak performance. Athlete or not, make sure you are taking good care of your body, refueling properly and keeping a healthy head space, it will do wonders for your performance. Find out more about Nuzest products at www.nuzest.co.nz

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