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The Recovery Focus Plan Your Body Will Love You For

Comprehensive research and evidence shows us that muscular vibration therapy is an effective exercise intervention for enhancing neuromuscular performance and accelerating muscle recovery.

Vibration, either applied locally to a targeted area or to the entire body, has been proven to increase flexibility, muscular strength, kinesthetic awareness, explosive power, decrease muscle pain, increase range of motion, increase blood flow under the skin, increase joint stability, increase the capacity to fight infection and reduce inflammation.

Implementing a regular vibration recovery routine amongst regular workout sessions can enhance athletic performance and help to prevent injuries. 


How Vibration Therapy Started

An early documented vibration therapy device originated in Greece. They would place a cotton wrapped saw over wounds and saw wood with the unwrapped part, resulting in vibrations being applied to the area in contact with the saw. It is thought that this increased circulation, promoting draining of fluids and stimulating natural healing mechanisms in the body. 

In the 1800s a Swedish doctor, Gustav Zander, introduced whole body vibration machines as a way to boost weight loss and build muscle strength. 

Although documented research is hard to find, the story goes that in the 1960s Russia began using vibration therapy to mitigate muscle atrophy and bone density loss amongst their cosmonauts. The Russians further extended the use of vibration therapy to their Olympic athletes for strength and flexibility gains. In the 1990s whole body vibration once again took off around the globe.


Woman on roller


The Type Of Products Available

There is a range of vibration products available in the market to help achieve your recovery goals from whole body vibration plates to percussive tools such as rollers and balls which work in different ways.

The whole body vibration devices cause a rapid reflex muscle contraction, dampening of pain, inhibition of antagonists, as well as increased tissue hydration.

The percussive devices have a localized effect on releasing tight fascia, increasing muscle temperature, and tissue hydration. Increased blood flow, improved range of motion, and reduced muscle soreness result from both.

Muscle vibration products have proven to be effective in reducing post-workout DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) when used prior to a workout.  From gymnasts to runners, from golfers to pro-football players – there is much published research showing the performance enhancement as well as the injury prevention and the recovery benefits of vibration therapy. 


Woman with calf on roller


Your Recovery Plan

So how is your current exercise plan going for you? Not enough time to fit in down time for Recovery? Or are you of the mindset that the more work you put in the better the outcome? If you’re just not hitting your goals, maybe you’re trying too hard! Have you thought about your recovery plan to maximise your workouts and give your body the optimum recovery it needs between each session? We have done the industry research for you and found your body’s new best friend… Power Plate! Not only is it time-saving, it can help your body get into recovery mode sooner! Try it - you’ll thank us later.


Power Plate devices


Portable Vibration On The Go

Honing in to a niche in the fitness market which has become a global must-have in the fitness industry, Power Plates premium targeted vibration products, including Power Plate Pulse™, Power Plate DualSphere™, and Power Plate Roller™ are portable, easy-to-use and effective tools to help users prepare faster and recover quicker, whether in the gym, at the office, at home or on the go.

These products assist everyone, regardless of fitness level, in training and recovery. Perfect for use before and after a workout or to provide relief for tight and sore muscles at any time, the products also help reduce pain, promote blood flow and enhance range of motion.

If you are a first-time user of percussive vibration products, such as the Power Plate Pulse, Roller or DualSphere, download the free Power Plate app from Google Play or App Store for expert video instruction of how (and where) best to use each attachment.

Find out more about Power Plate HERE

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