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Fruit, Yoghurt & Muesli Bowl

A versatile and delicious option when it comes to breakfast!

The best thing about this fruit, yoghurt and muesli bowl recipe is that it's versatile - use whatever fruit is in season and whatever nuts or seeds are lingering in your pantry. Instead of adding a pre-made muesli, you can also just use dry oats - when they're mixed with everything else, it becomes a homemade muesli of sorts! Serve with Greek yoghurt for a nutritious protein-punch.


1/2 cup plain Greek yoghurt

1-2 fruit, of choice

2 heaped Tbsp muesli or oats

2 heaped Tbsp mixed nuts and seeds

A splash of milk, to serve

Optional: sprinkle of cinnamon, drizzle of honey...


Chop, slice or dice fruit if needed.

Add all ingredients into a bowl.


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About the author

Danijela Unkovich

Registered NZ Nutritionist Danijela Unkovich holds a Bachelor of Science double majoring in Human Nutrition and Physiology, and is culinary trained with esteemed Le Cordon Bleu, London.

She works in community nutrition, and runs the wellbeing platform Nourish & Tempt, a place she writes on topics of health and shares healthy recipes. As a passionate foodie, and food-first nutritionist, she enjoys showcasing meals that are not only nutritious, but also delicious.



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