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Get Yourself A Houseplant, Reduce Stress

Studies show that house plants can effectively reduce stress just in a moment.

Nowadays, in the times of the pandemic, we seek stress relief more than ever. While there exist many various time-consuming ways to unwind (they are great too!) like regular exercise or meditation, it turns out that there are also some which will instantaneously lower anxiety and tension - buying a houseplant (or more than just one - the more, the merrier!) without doubt is one of them.


house plants in living room


Many studies have been conducted in terms of this matter and even more is underway. Nonetheless, all of the former have confirmed the fact that houseplants, which bring us a little closer to a natural environment, can effectively reduce stress just in a moment. They mainly do that by decreasing the activity of the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system - the part that is responsible for the so-called “fight-or-flight” response in times of danger and forced increased alertness. Such an action is crucial in successfully mitigating anxiety and tension. Moreover, not only do houseplants reduce stress, but they also actively improve one’s mood - we become both more relaxed and simply happier.


The indirect ways that houseplants exert on our body by diminishing the activity of the sympathetic nervous system also contribute to the feeling of bliss and tranquility. Our heart rate and blood pressure become lower and more stable, as well as get synchronized with our breath - the very opposite of what happens when we are experiencing an anxiety attack. 


house plants on a window sill


Furthermore, having a houseplant in your area notably improves your cognitive function. It means that you will study, remember things, reason and solve problems more effectively as well as think more clearly. The same applies to holding your attention - you will be able to focus on one thing both more efficiently and longer.


What is undoubtedly lovely to hear, research has proven that developing a mild attachment to a living plant (dead plants do not exert such effects) which involves a some level of meaningful emotional involvement, greatly enhances the de-stressing benefits of owning a houseplant. Therefore, when buying yours, choose the one that you particularly like so that you will  literally love it more.


living room with a number of house plants


Lastly, having houseplants at home comes along with more advantages, other than described above. For instance, plants, since they transpirate and release moisture into the air, they make it more humid which is only better for your skin and alleviates breathing difficulties. In addition, the air also becomes cleaner - studies show that rooms with houseplants contain up to 60% less airborne pollutants and bacteria than rooms without them.

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