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Hammer Strength HD Air Bike

 Woman on the Hammer Strength HD Air Bike


The new air bike from Hammer Strength will have you powering through intense workouts built to the standard you come to expect from Hammer Strength. The Hammer Strength HD Air Bike performance trainer is built to handle the most demanding athletic workouts.

The HD Air Bike features a high-performance belt-drive system to handle what your athletes dish out. Its smooth and consistent motion takes the user’s mind off of the ride and lets them test the limits of their intensity.


Hammer Strength HD Air Bikes lined up in gym


Other Features include:

Adjustable AirGuard - The HD Air Bike includes a unique adjustable AirGuard that changes the direction of airflow during intense intervals.

LCD Console with Performance Metrics - Key performance metrics are measured on the HD Air Bike’s LCD console. Critical measurements like time, speed, calories burned, rpm, watts and heart rate summarise performance and provide insights into improvement.

Multi-Grip Handlebars - Multi-grip handlebars provide a wide range of athletes with a comfortable and ergonomically correct grip.

Wheels For Easy Transport - Oversized wheels allow quick and easy mobility gives you the ability to quickly move the bike where you need it for training or storage.

Adjustable Seat - An aluminium extruded, black anodised seat post with fore/aft adjustment has a premium look and feel for optimal comfort and performance.


Find out more at lifefitness.co.nz

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