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Hammer Strength HD Tread

A self-powered treadmill that features a curved design and measure key performance metrics in real time

Hammer Strength HD Tread


Hammer Strength, a brand from Life Fitness, have released a new range of performancer trainers and the HD Tread comes as the popularity of self-powered treadmills are growing the world over and seen in many high performance fitness centres, CrossFit gyms and functional training gyms.

The Hammer Strength self-powered treadmill features a curved design which encourages mid to fore foot strike for fast acceleration and full speed sprinting. This more closely mimics the force and muscular activation needed for athletes to push their bodyweight off the ground when sprinting. You're in complete control of sprint mechanics and belt speed. This eliminates machine interference and puts the focus on you - the athlete. You're able to move at your own pace as you see fit.


Athlete resting with the Hammer Strength HD Tread self-powered treadmill


With the Hammer Strength HD Tread, you can measure key performance metrics in real time. These key measurements include things like time, speed, calories burned, wattage and heart rate which can efficiently summarise your performance or that of your athletes.


Find out more at lifefitness.co.nz

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