Buffy Ellen

Naturopath, Nutritionist & Medical Herbalist at Be Good Organics

Buffy Ellen is a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist based in Auckland, New Zealand. She has a holistic approach to heath and wellbeing, combining plant-based nutrition with organic living. In addition to this, she is the founder of Be Good Organics - a plant-based whole foods blog, store and community. Founded in 2013, Be Good Organics has become New Zealand’s most well-loved and frequented plant-based blog, with a global audience of now over 150,000. Buffy shares delicious healthy plant-based recipes, along with easy-to-understand nutritional information, to help empower her readers to achieve their own best state of health.

Her passion is to teach people about natural health, and helping them to incorporate it into their lives and reap the benefits, both physically and emotionally for their overall wellbeing.