Steph Claire Smith & Laura Henshaw

Co-Founders at Keep It Cleaner

Keep it Cleaner is a leading Australian brand, offering an online subscription based lifestyle program and a range of health food products. Offering HIIT, boxing, running, strength training, healthy meal plans, regular meditation sessions and life hacks, Keep it Cleaner will show you how to live clean without sacrificing the things you love. Our meal, fitness, and mindfulness guides will help you tone up and zen out – all while having fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie to exercise or a total pro, our tight-knit community is walking alongside you every step of the way.

Aussie model Steph Claire Smith is adored by her 1.5 million Instagram followers. In candidly sharing her love of food, health, and fitness for the last five years, Steph has become a fixture of the Australian health and wellness industry. A fan of all things HIIT and boxing, Steph regularly graces the covers of Australia’s top magazines and publications. Steph is currently the face of Bondi Sands and an Adidas Australia Ambassador.

Law student and model Laura Henshaw’s huge passion for health and fitness has seen her social media following swell to 268,000 people. When she’s not going for a run (her personal favourite), Laura is gently helping fans make balanced lifestyle choices, making her one of Australia’s most loved voices online. She has just released her first book, A Girls’ Guide to Kicking Goals.

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