Ellice Whichello

Boxing Master Trainer, Clinical Nutritionist & Co-Founder at Combine Air Training

Ellice, who is known for her impressive boxing skills, is a wellness warrior passionate about helping others boost their mind & body for the better. While Ellice can surely pack a punch, it’s her inner sense of ambition that empowers her to be a change maker — a skill she hopes to pass onto her squad.

Ellice, Co-Founder of Combine Air Training, a Boxing Master Trainer & Clinical Nutritionist, is highly skilled in crafting boxing sessions that anyone can conquer, the kind that your mind & body love!

'It’s so important to practice wellness on the daily. No-matter where life is taking you, you can benefit from investing in your wellness. There is nothing I love more, than to see others bring their mind & body into a state of balance where they start to enjoy life & the body they live in.

Self - love is everything, Ellice said, the most down to earth, bada#% warrior you could possibly meet!

Saturday 2:00pm + Sunday 11:00am