Dan Conn

Global Fitness Leader & Wellness Expert and Co-Founder at Combine Air Training

Dan Conn is best known for his work as a Global Fitness Leader & Wellness expert. Dan is the Co-Founder of Combine Air Training & also launched F45 Training to where it is today. Dan also worked closely with Orange Theory & Anytime Fitness as their Wellness Director.

Dan comes from a professional athlete background & since the age of 17 has spent 8 years in the NRL. Since then, Dan has continued his elite mentality applying the skills he learnt as a professional athlete, into his local communities driving change through Combine Air Training.

Combine Air Training is a project that Dan has wanted to create since he entered the fitness world, & now being able to lead the charge with his close team; he knows that nothing will get in his way from taking the Combine Air Training dream all around the world unlocking their greatest athletic potential in the game that is life. AND to that Dan says, “It’s game time!”

Saturday 2:00pm + Sunday 11:00am