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The ‘tights’ market has become very saturated. From ‘latté fitness’ tights to compression tights, it’s important to know what to look for to cover your needs.

The ‘tights’ market has become very saturated. From ‘latté fitness’ tights to compression tights, it’s important to know what to look for to cover your needs. The most technical tights in the industry are compression tights. They come with the benefit of speeding up your recovery time and supporting your leg muscles. This article will explain why we love them and how to search for the best ones for yourself.

Wearing compression tights during a workout wraps the muscles to help reduce muscle shock and vibration in-turn causing damage. During and post-exercise, compression helps with faster muscle repair of damaged tissue by increasing blood flow - this removes lactic acid from the muscles and increases fresh oxygenated blood which assists with soreness and improves recovery.

In short, compression gear helps you get back into your fitness faster. Recent studies have shown that with an optimal level of compression, arteries will dilate, increasing blood flow up to 40% during a workout and 30% post-training. 


Compression test

But not just any type of tights will pass the compression test. Specially designed compression wear is created with muscle recovery in mind. Graduated compression from the ankles up means that the garment is tighter around the ankle and calf to assist the body in venous return (deoxygenated blood flowing back up to the heart).

There are many types of compression tights out in the market right now but one New Zealand brand we are loving in particular is Clique Fitness. In order for them to ensure compression tights do what we say they do, the Clique team independently test each type. The compression testers ensure the tights are firm enough around certain areas and muscle groups to provide the benefit of optimal recovery to these areas. After testing has been completed, the tights are given a compression rating. 


Clique Tights


Compression Tights Rating Levels

Clique Fitness compression tights carry a compression rating of 15-20mmHg - MmHg stands for millimetres of mercury and it indicates the level of pressure or compression a garment can provide. 

Compression ratings range from mild to medical.

8-15 mmHg = mild compression.
15-20 mmHg = moderate compression
20-30 mmHg = firm compression
30-40 mmHg = Extra firm compression

Extra firm compression with a rating of 30-40 mmHg is more commonly reserved for those who suffer from chronic circulatory issues and a doctor or medical professional should be consulted before use.


Compression tights with a compression rating of 15-20mmHg will...

  • Enhance circulation to the muscles providing faster recovery 
  • Ensure your tights never slip or fall down
  • Reduce swelling and relieve tired, aching legs
  • Help with travel. 15-20mmHg is the ideal compression level used for those travelling long or short distances


Compression tights can even be used as a preventive to ensure your legs and blood flow are healthy and also prevents varicose veins and other vein diseases - not that you need another reason to wear your compression tights as much as possible!

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