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Olympic Weightlifting is the gold standard in demonstrating strength, speed and skill. It involves two full body movements; the snatch and clean & jerk. See experienced lifters plus have a go yourself, learning the basics and getting tips from the best in the sport!

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In Olympic Weightlifting, the objective is to lift a loaded barbell from the ground to lockout overhead in one or two movements respectively. Don’t be fooled by the name, while Weightlifting is an Olympic sport, it is suitable for all!

We have many talented Weightlifters in New Zealand, including representatives at the Commonwealth and Olympic Games. We also have inspiring athletes of all ages, sizes and backgrounds. LiveFit Health & Fitness Festival is an opportunity for us as a sport to show New Zealand who we are.

Visit us at LiveFit to see experienced Weightlifters in action, learn about the sport and training, and give it a go.

This event is hosted by Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand 


Olympic Weightlifting is suitable for everyone- the sport is easily adapted to suit youth through to the mature athlete and does not discriminate on the basis of size. LiveFit attendees will have the opportunity to view experienced lifters of all ages, body weights and proportions demonstrating skilled movement in action. See how movements and loads can be adapted to allow success for everyone.


Whether you have already been introduced to Olympic Weightlifting through the gym or sport, or never even touched a barbell before, come along to one of our offered workshops. Learn the basics, improve existing skills, get some tips for strength, mobility or application to other forms of training.


Learn about the benefits of Olympic Weightlifting, including strength, coordination, body confidence and more. Find out how the sport can be successfully applied across different populations, what training involves, and competitive opportunities for those interested.


Workshops & Seminar Timetable


Olympic Weightlifting Showcase presented by Functional Strength Olympic

Olympic weightlifting includes two complex movements using a barbell; the snatch and the clean & jerk. Done correctly, the movements are rhythmic and sharp, demonstrating full body strength and coordination. If you think we’re all about bicep curls and bench press, think again!

Come along to have the movements explained, learn more about the sport, and watch some experienced athletes show you how it’s done! 



Olympic Weightlifting Fundamentals presented by Central Weightlifting Academy​

Interested in Olympic weightlifting but not sure where to start? We’ve got you! Jump in on our fundamentals workshop and learn the very basics with experienced coaches on hand to support and explain.

We’ll be starting with the squat pattern- if you are someone who ever sits down or stands up, then this workshop is for you!



Masters of the Barbell presented by West Auckland Barbell

Did you know you can compete in weightlifting as a masters athlete from the year you turn 35? Masters sport is centered in community and participation, with more opportunities to compete and travel than any other level. Weightlifting in particular is extremely beneficial as we age- maintenance of strength and balance goes a long way towards quality of life and preventing injury.

Come hear more about the benefits of Olympic weightlifting for masters athletes, and the opportunities it brings. 



Learner's Lifting License: Introduction to Weightlifting for Youth presented by Papatoetoe Olympic Weightlifting Club

With quality coaching, weightlifting is safe for young people, and a lot of fun! Youth and their families are invited to join us to learn about how we keep growing bodies safe, the physical benefits of strength training, and the transferable benefits of this sport requiring discipline and control.

Watch some experienced youth lifters in action and have a go yourself!


Pimp My Lift

Bring in your tired, shakey, mistimed movements and let us PIMP.YOUR.LIFT! This is a workshop for those using weightlifting movements in their training but are not necessarily Olympic weightlifting athletes. Get in quick as spaces are extremely limited.

We’ll go through a brief warm up before having 30 minutes to work with an experienced coach in improving a weightlifting movement of your choice. Your lift 100% pimped or your money* back!
(*this workshop is free)



Calling all Ladies to the Bar presented by Waitakere Olympic Weightlifting

Ladies, training with a barbell does not make you ‘bulky’. It does however offer health benefits including increased strength and coordination, can improve body composition, and empower you to appreciate and respect all that your amazing body can do.

Join us to learn more about weightlifting, give it a go and hear the experiences of female weightlifters.






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