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Happy Hormones - a guide to understanding how your hormones work

Women shouldn’t be baffled by their hormones. You deserve to understand how they work and how best to support them.



Your sex hormones play a major part in your fertility, mood, energy and libido and how healthy your hair and skin are - so why does nobody ever teach us how they work?

Understanding the way your hormones are meant to work is key to being able to support them, no matter your age. PMS, acne, irregular periods, long, painful or heavy periods are all signs that something isn’t right with your hormones. Even symptoms like depression, anxiety, and weight gain can be caused because your sex hormones are not functioning as they should.

In this seminar, Jessica will help you to understand how your hormones should work, and teach you how to support them depending on the symptoms you get.

What if I am on birth control? It is still really important to understand how your hormones work and what they do so that you can make an informed choice about your birth control needs and understand that being fertile is about more than having babies!

Take control of your hormones and learn how to have a better period, naturally!

About the speaker

Jessica Giljam-Brown

Jessica Giljam-Brown is a well known holistic nutritionist (BSc), author and is the owner of Wellness By Jessica. Jessica has a passion for women’s health, particularly in the areas of fertility, endometriosis, PCOS, PMS and other hormonal issues, helping her clients to find practical solutions to support their health in a maintainable, achievable and enjoyable way.

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