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Solid Strength Equipment Training Arena

Check out the action happening in the Solid Strength Equipment Training Arena throughout the weekend!

CrossFit with Renegade Performance

SATURDAY ONLY. See what CrossFit is all about! Try a CrossFit class with some of NZ's most experienced coaches from Renegade Performance. Plus watch some of NZ's top CrossFit competitors, intermediate and beginner level athletes throughout the day.

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Olympic Weightlifting Workshops

SUNDAY ONLY. Olympic Weightlifting NZ are running sessions so you can learn the basics and get tips from the best in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting at LiveFit plus they'll be showcasing weightlifting movements from some of NZ's best athletes in the sport!

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NZ Powerlifting Invitational

SUNDAY ONLY. Powerlifting is the ultimate test of strength and something all gym-goers can relate to - how much can you squat, bench press and deadlift? Watch some of NZ's top strength athletes battle for the title of best pound for pound lifter in NZ.

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