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Ankorr with Ruben Wiki

Working the upper & lower body using dynamic bodyweight exercises designed by Zuu.

Sunday 12:00pm
Fitness Studio 1


The next step up from Zuu, Ankorr utilises an animate load harness system combined with the Zuu exercise program to fast-track functional strength, mobility and conditioning like never before.

Individuals can spin 180 degrees through sagittal planes or 360 degrees through transverse planes while maintaining constant tension. This "fluid resistance" fast tracks functional strength, mobility & conditioning like never before.

Wiki Workz are privileged to have our Zuu and Ankorr classes run by New Zealand’s highest qualified Zuu instructor.



NB. Numbers are limited and pre-booking not required. Get there early to secure your spot!




Workout - FREE! (included in your event entry!)


*You must have a GA entry ticket into the festival to access the workout. Presentation of ticket is required to partake. Participation is first-in-first-served and pre-booking is not required. Numbers are limited.

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