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Concept 2 Train With The Best

Join double-Olympian Champion Rower Eric Murray as he takes you through the technique fundamental of the rowing stroke before taking you through a workout, working the upper body, lower body, core, glutes and arms. Whew! All while learning the best way to row, from the best!

Saturday 12:45pm
Fitness Studio 2


Have you tried Indoor Rowing before?

Rowing works the upper body, lower body, core, glutes and arms. Whew! Since you are exerting all of these muscle groups, your heart rate elevates and will give you a complete and proper workout-specific to your needs.

Regardless of your experience, we encourage you to jump in and give it a go. Eric Murray; a double olympic champion will be your coach, he is full of knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and the best man for the job.

Eric will begin by breaking down the technique fundamental of the rowing stroke before getting into the workout.

Prepare to get your heart rate elevated and to sweat a little as you join Eric for one of his favourite workouts - take it at your pace and follow along, we look forward to seeing you all there!



NB. Numbers are limited and pre-booking not required. Get there early to secure your spot!




Workout - FREE! (included in your event entry!)


*You must have a GA entry ticket into the festival to access the workout. Presentation of ticket is required to partake. Participation is first-in-first-served and pre-booking is not required. Numbers are limited.

About the trainer

Eric Murray

Eric Murray is a 2 x Olympic Champions and 8 x World Champion Rower.

Eric’s impressive record of 69 consecutive race victories, is the most in history in the sport of rowing. Being completely unbeaten for 9 years on the water, Murray and team mate Hamish Bond have records not only on the water, but on the Concept2 Rowing Machine.

Eric has used the Concept2 Equipment for his entire career and continues to build the sport of Indoor Rowing through his association with Concept2 NZ.

There aren’t too many people around that know the ins and outs of the sport of Rowing & Indoor Rowing and Eric brings a wealth of knowledge which he shares to make everyone’s experience of rowing a good one.

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