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Jumping® Fitness New Zealand

Jumping® Fitness is a fun, low-impact, high intensity cardio and strengthening workout on rebounder trampolines.

Saturday 3:45pm
Fitness Studio 2


Try something new at LiveFit this year! Jumping® Fitness is a fun and intense cardio and strengthening workout on rebounder trampolines.

Similar to Zumba or STEP workouts but on trampolines, we use a variety of easy to follow moves choreographed to music that will get your heart rate up and make you get your sweat on - you’ll have so much fun, you’ll forget you’re working out!

Our workouts are low impact and include between 10 – 14 songs, including 2 warm up songs and 1 warm down song, followed by stretching.

Our instructors offer alternatives for moves, meaning that classes are personalized to participants needs (e.g. injuries) and participants can choose how hard they go.

Jumping® Fitness is suitable for people of all ages, genders and fitness levels – come give it a go!

NB. Workouts are based on first come, first served basis. There is no need to pre-book for this workout. Get there early to secure your spot!




Workout - FREE! (included in your event entry!)


*You must have a GA entry ticket into the festival to access the workout. Presentation of ticket is required to partake. Numbers are limited.

About the trainer

Nan Jensen

Nan Jensen discovered Jumping® Fitness in Denmark in 2019. A 60 years old barrister and solicitor, she was frustrated that her sore knees couldn't handle high impact activities required for most cardio and lower body training.

Since finding Jumping® Fitness Nan has never looked back. Jumping® Fitness has strengthened her lower body and core muscles so that she has no more knee pain and can now do lunges and squats without difficulty.

When she discovered Jumping® Fitness wasn't already in New Zealand, she was determined to bring it to New Zealand to share with other Kiwis!

Her 22-year old daughter Hannah has joined the Jumping® Fitness team and will be running the highest intensity classes in future. As someone who has never really enjoyed basic cardio such as running, Hannah enjoys the challenging and fun atmosphere in Jumping® Fitness classes. Nan is currently running classes at the YMCA in Hamilton.

Nan and Hannah are on a mission to expand Jumping® Fitness in New Zealand so that other Kiwis can gain the benefits that they have experienced!

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