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How To Health

Why stress may be the element holding you back from your own best health.

Saturday 1:00pm


Listen to Nats talk about her own burn out, Female Athlete Triad (now Reduced Energy Deficiency Syndrome) and how Orthorexia ultimately became her undoing. Hear elements in her story that may resonate with you and take home usable tips to incorporate into your own health life.

She will put into perspective how you may be doing everything just right for someone else but totally wrong for you.

About the speaker

Nats Levi

Author, fitness entrepreneur and speaker, Nats Levi challenges you to 'find your fierce'. Nats is a woman on a mission. She believes that health and wellness should look and feel different for every human and be tailored accordingly to the individual. Following her own model for true health, she fuses together tools for movement, nourishment and restoration to coach clients into a tailored lifestyle that suits them.

As well as her passion for coaching wellness, Nats has worked and represented international fitness brands such Les Mills and Orange Theory Fitness. Recently, she published her book "From F.A.T to Fierce" based on her own burnout and founded the products 'ALIVE' - a movement to music training formula and ' I AM FIERCE' a custom built wellness app that enables the user to tailor their own health in a sustainable way based on the cornerstones of the book.

Nats still loves the human touch. She leads fitness classes and trains Execs and Industry leaders using elements of her lifestyle program and by finding the right solution to promote their adherence and results.

Often invited to speak at events internationally on health and all the goodness of movement, Nats has featured in local and international media such as Good Health, The AM Show and MagicTalk commenting on all things wellness and the diversity of health.

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