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Buffy Ellen

Naturopath, Nutritionist & Medical Herbalist

Sarah Tanner

Wellness Expert

Two Raw Sisters

Passionate Plant-Based Foodies

Nikki Ralston

Yoga Teacher & Owner

Jarrod Tucker

Master Trainer

Lisa Jurakovich

1987 NZ Aerobics Champion

Amanda Prosser

Master Trainer

Rachel Grunwell

Wellness Expert and Author

Andrew Wilson

master trainer

Eric Murray

Double Olympic Champion

Amy Finlayson

POUND Rockout Workout Tour Crew

Genevieve Mora


Jazz Thornton


Angus Brown

CEO & Co-Founder

Geena Pannett

Group Fitness Instructor, Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer

Matthew Norris

Director & Trainer

Celine Wallace

Wellness Expert and Founder

Tom Dorman

Health Coach & Co-Founder

Lisa Grey

Clinical Manager

Nats Levi

Author / Speaker / Coach

Ruben Wiki

Former NRL Legend & Head Coach

DJ Forbes

Former Sevens Captain

Megan Gifford

Commonwealth Games Athlete & Coach

Kathy Xu

Nutritionist (BSc) and Foodie

Elle Herself

Healthy Keto Lifestyle YouTuber, and Creator of WelleClub.com

Lou Langrish

Inferno Hot Pilates Instructor & Studio Owner

Iona Bruce

Personal Trainer and Athlete Performance Coach

Kate Ivey

Owner of Dedikate

Claire Eli

Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Maddie Brosnan

Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Barre Instructor

Kelly Macdonald

Personal Trainer and Mobility Specialist

Maria Teresa Stone

Zumba® Education Specialist

Renee Norman

Personal Trainer - Pre & Postnatal Exercise Specialist

Sjana Elise

Yoga Instructor

Ashy Bines

Co-founder and Creative Director

Ellice Whichello

Boxing Master Trainer, Clinical Nutritionist & Co-Founder

Dan Conn

Global Fitness Leader & Wellness Expert and Co-Founder

Han Romano

Fitness Coach

Niki Bezzant

Food & Nutrition Writer

Maddy Golightly


Jess Blair

Clinical Nutritionist, Naturopath, Author and Public Speaker

Emily Jensen

naturopath, medical herbalist and degree qualified nutritionist

Callum Gifford


Danijela Unkovich

Registered Nutritionist and Owner

Gary Mulholland

Under Armour Athlete and Fitness Instructor

Kieran Van Broekhuizen

Under Armour Ambassador and Master Trainer

Savannah Palmer

Under Armour Ambassador and Group Fitness Instructor

Coach Rhys

Under Armour Ambassador, Master Trainer & Founder

Rebekah Randell


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