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livefit wellness series

an inspirational evening event series in August

Hear from 3 amazing speakers in one night!

The LiveFit Wellness Series is an evening wellness event in Auckland featuring some of NZ's most trusted and experienced experts sharing their knowledge on a range of topics when it comes to health & wellbeing. 

There is a total of 4 events taking place in August that aim to inspire and empower you. Tickets are limited though so don't miss out! Bring a notepad as there will be some amazing take homes that you can apply to your own lifestyle to support your health & wellness journey.

Tickets to each of the 4 events include all the 3 speakers for that event, an amazing goodie bag and a Good Sh*t Soda or the new Mango Smirnoff Seltzer!

Join our partners COOLA and Lovely by Skin Institute at each event to find out more about their products and services!

Tickets are just $40 per person or save $8 on a 'You + Friend' Double Pass! (plus booking fees).


Feedback so far! 

I found the livefit talk really motivational and informative. Lovely speakers that inspire and have honest accounts of their own personal journeys - Sarah Willcox

100% recommend so worth your time and money. Amazing speakers with so much knowledge and tips that go a long way, plus a goodie bag which has amazing products. - Raksha Tailor

Such a cool event! I had such a nice time and it was all so interesting to listen to and learn from. A very empowering event! - Romana Petrie

Wellness Series - Event 1

3 August 2021
Featuring Rachel Grunwell, Sarah Tanner and Claire Robbie at Glasshouse Morningside.

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Wellness Series - Event 2

10 August 2021
Featuring Chasing Cait, Anna Squelch and Abbie O'Rourke at Ellerslie Events Centre, Greenlane!

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Wellness Series - Event 3

17 August 2021
Featuring Kaytee Boyd, Gareth O'Donnell and Celine Wallace at B:Hive Smales Farm in Takapuna!

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Wellness Series - Event 4

26 August 2021
Featuring Courtney Tairi, Morgan Penn and Iona Bruce at Life Central in Mt Eden!

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guest speakers

Here's a little bit about our amazing guest speakers for the LiveFit Wellness Series

Rachel Grunwell

3 August 2021 - Glasshouse, Morningside

Award-winning journalist Rachel Grunwell is a respected wellness expert, magazine wellness columnist (for Good magazine & Indulge magazine) and magazine recipe creator, and yoga and meditation teacher. On top of that, the mum-of-three is the blogger behind the Inspired Health website which inspires people to move more and live well. A multi-marathoner and CrossFit enthusiast, the qualified coach helps clients live healthier and happier lives. She’s one of New Zealand’s top wellness influencers and has worked with a number of globally renowned brands. Rachel is passionate that being ‘busy’ should not be some crazy badge of honour.

She has used many of the tools in her book, Balance, to positively uplift her own life – and she shares how you can achieve balance in your life too. As well as interviews with experts, Balance has 30 recipes for nutrient-dense, delicious snacks and smoothies, including some sweet treats, because the book is all about ‘balance.’ Balance will inspire you to move well, eat well, think well, feel well and live well.

Speaking Topic: How to live Healthier & Happier. Rachel Grunwell shares science-backed tools and relatable ideas on how to live healthier and happier. Rachel will share ideas distilled from the numerous experts she’s interviewed around the world on wellness, many of which feature in her book Balance: Food, Health + Happiness.

Sarah Tanner

3 August 2021 - Glasshouse, Morningside

Sarah Tanner, one of New Zealand's leading wellness experts, founder of wellness brand Super Nature and creator of online coaching guides, shares her knowledge on superfoods and smoothies to help with stress management and health success.

Sarah is also a proud brand ambassador for Ceres Organics, as well as providing content consultancy work with some of New Zealand's top wellness brands. She has been featured in many prominent publications and events, to offer her story, knowledge and inspiration through workshops, public speaking, and energy work.

Speaking Topic: A Happy Approach To Wellness. Holistic health advocate, Sarah Tanner, will chat about what wellness means for her. She will take you through her personal journey of how she has come to be where she is today, feeling her best yet as she approaches the age of 43. Sarah will touch on the importance of integrating food, fitness, and soul work to find a happy approach to wellness that can fit into your life. Finishing off with a sound bath from her playing the crystal singing bowls, Sarah will leave you feeling realigned and inspired.

Claire Robbie

3 August 2021 - Glasshouse, Morningside

Claire Robbie has been a devoted teacher of meditation and yoga for over a decade. She has led retreats, workshops and courses in Peru, Mexico, Los Angeles, New Zealand, Fiji, The Philippines, Costa Rica. She has taught hundreds of people how to meditate, and actively supports her students in their practices. Her teachings are the culmination of her study of Vedic, Hindu and Buddhist traditions integrated with the direct experiences from her daily, non-negotiable practices. Claire is the Founder of The School of Modern Meditation, a centre for the practices of meditation, breathwork and sound work.

"I teach people how to develop a daily meditation practice because every fibre of my being loves talking about meditation, practicing, learning about and sharing this ancient tool. I’ve experienced firsthand, what a consistent daily practice has the potential to unravel and open up for us".

Speaking Topic: Meditation. Claire will break down the truth about mediation, dispelling some of the myths to help those who attend understand the importance of a daily, self-sufficient meditation practice. The session will finish with a guided meditation led by Claire.

Chasing Cait

10 August 2021 - Ellerslie Events Centre

Caitlin Taylor is a personal stylist with over 20 years experience in the industry. She helps people to explore their style personality, and use that to elevate their everyday style. With a background in psychology, Cait understands the impact your style can have on your confidence and is there to give you easy-to-follow advice on how to dress your best, no matter what your shape, size, budget or lifestyle.

Speaking Topic: Own Your Style. Did you know that sequins are a neutral? Well maybe not literally, but depending on your OWN personal style they very well might be! Being clear about what your own personal style can be life-changing! Who cares what’s trendy, if you’re wearing something that reflects who you are on the inside, you can be unstoppable!

Auckland personal stylist and style Coach, Caitlin Taylor, will talk you through some simple principles of working out how to really own your own style as well as show you some really easy tricks to elevate your everyday style, usually with the things you probably already have in your own wardrobe!

Anna Squelch

10 August 2021 - Ellerslie Events Centre

Anna Squelch is a holistic life coach and host of The Full Circle Podcast guiding women to discover who they are and who they came here to be through her blend of practical and spiritual advice, and no fluff approach to personal development.

Through her online group coaching programs and e-courses, Anna supports women to establish a strong foundation of personal alignment, so they can become self-empowered, self-accountable and self-loving, and stop relying on external validation to feel whole.

Outside of her programs, she hosts workshops in secondary schools, is the host of The Full Circle podcast, and passionately collaborates with other brands as a content creator, writer and speaker.

When she’s not inviting women to delve into the deepest corners of their souls, she loves hanging out with her dog Billie, travelling to destinations near and far and attempting to surf.

Speaking Topic: Self-Sabotage. Learn simple mindset shifts to stop self-sabotaging and build a foundation of self-awareness so you feel empowered in your health, career and relationships.

Abbie O'Rourke

10 August 2021 - Ellerslie Events Centre

Abbie O'Rourke is the owner of Feel Fresh Nutrition and a Registered Qualified Nutritionist (NSNZ). Abbie sees nutrition as more than just food. For a complete solution, she acknowledges that we need to address both the tangible; food, and nutritional science with the intangible; emotions, behaviours, and motivations. Healthy eating comes from creating enjoyable little habits throughout your day that maximise your energy levels and fits in with your busy lifestyle. Abbie works one-on-one with clients, runs nationwide intensive nutritional programs, and creates personalised effective programs for companies, small and large, New Zealand-wide.

The Workplace: The Missing Piece of the Nutritional Puzzle. Most of us are creatures of habit with daily routines centered around work demands. How we interact with our workday has a direct influence on our energy levels, health, and well-being. The majority of food choices – often breakfast, lunch, and snacks – are made during the workday which is a prime opportunity to improve our intentional eating game, by including habits that can have a significant impact on our digestion, appetite, energy, and mood.

Join Abbie to learn how to energise yourself without requiring a full nutritional overhaul. Expect daily nutritional tips you can include to increase concentration and energy levels, and understand the 4 steps required to build healthy habits that you can start including today to live a healthier more balanced life.

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Kaytee Boyd

17 August 2021 - B:Hive Smales Farm, Takapuna

Kaytee has been involved in the Health and Wellness industry for over 25 years. After graduating from Otago University with a double degree in Human Nutrition and Sports Science, Kaytee went on to become a member of the Nutrition Society of NZ and became a MINND foundation practitioner (specialising with Autism).

Currently, Kaytee works at The Boyd Clinic, a busy practice in Auckland, as well as heads weekend cancer masterclass workshops for patients, nutritionists, dietitians, healthcare staff/nurses, and the wider community. 

A retired professional athlete herself, Kaytee has competed for New Zealand in BMX, Mountain Bike, Road racing and is a World Cup Gold Medalist in Track cycling, she has also competed in the Commonwealth Games. Her skill base has great depth and knowledge of the human body making it extremely helpful in diagnosis and treatment, as well as constructing exercise programs.

Speaking Topic: Fasting not a fad, a way of life. Get the basics on Fasting, the different types of Fasts, the significant health and longevity benefits of fasting and fasting mimicking diets and the research behind it. Ideal for anyone considering Fasting but want more info before they start.

Gareth O'Donnell

17 August 2021 - B:Hive Smales Farm, Takapuna

Gareth O'Donnell, AKA Coach G, Chief of protocol for Edison Clinic and co-owner of Sleeploop. Gareth has worked in the health fitness industry for 19 years. Before that, he was in the military.

His passion is holistic health; He's focused heavily on sleep and recovery in the last five years, where he has integrated technology with health coaching to help people understand why their energy levels are declining and, more importantly, how to get it back using sleep and recovery techniques to yield better restorative sleep and physical performance.

Speaking Topic: How to Hack Your Sleep. Hear the latest research on how to improve your sleep performance, the pros/cons of using sleep tech and in the moment, sleep stress solution and how to deal with long term sleep stress/worry.

Celine Wallace

17 August 2021 - B:Hive Smales Farm, Takapuna

Celine Wallace is a Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga Therapist, specializing in Ayurvedic Holistic Medicine and Mental Health. She is the Founder of Sattva Soul Retreats, a transformational women’s wellness company, that offers luxury retreats worldwide. As well as, Sattva Soul Supplements, an Organic Ayurvedic supplement company. When Celine isn’t speaking or hosting retreats, she is the wellness columnist of LA Yoga Magazine, and Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine. She also hosts the Sattva Soul Podcast, a podcast of curated interviews designed to elevate and inspire, through thought-provoking and inspiring conversations.

Speaking Topic: Ayurvedic Wellness. This workshop is designed for anyone wanting to live a happier and healthier life, using the ancient healing practices of Ayurveda in daily life. This 30-minute workshop is an educational and engaging workshop with Ayurvedic practitioner and Yoga teacher Celine Wallace of Sattva Soul. We will discuss the healing system of Ayurveda from ancient Indian traditions, with practical tools for how to live a dosha-specific lifestyle to achieve a better quality of life.

Courtney Tairi

26 August 2021 - Life Central, Mt Eden

Courtney Tairi is a former Silver Fern & elite athlete competing in the ANZ Premiership for 9 years. Throughout those years Courtney learned how to develop her mental toughness and push herself to achieve her childhood dreams. While achieving these dreams though, Courtney was met with many hardships she had to physically & mentally overcome. In these hard times Courtney used them as opportunities to grow and now applies them to everyday life. 

Since retiring from being a professional athlete, Courtney made the transition to becoming a Sky Sport presenter. She is still living her childhood dream of working in sport covering the ANZ Premiership, NRL, Netball World Cup, Rugby League World Cup and many more.

Speaking Topic: Resilience and the Athlete Mindset. Learn how to overcome adversity and how to apply the athlete mindset in all areas of life. "It's not about how many times you get knocked down, it's about how many times you get back up". Learn how to change up your mindset and take control when life throws you curveballs. 


iona bruce

26 August 2021 - Life Central, Mt Eden

Iona Bruce is a Personal Trainer and Athlete Performance Coach. Working both nationally and internationally with everyone from professional athletes to those just starting out with exercise, Iona is passionate about educating people in the physical and mental benefits of strength and conditioning.

Iona has spoken at fitness expos and events across the UK and Europe, taught for companies including Gymshark, and been coaching sports and fitness for over 13 years. She also runs industry courses getting others qualified as gym instructors and personal trainers, holds a PGDip in Sports Performance Coaching, and owns her own health and fitness company.

Iona helps both male and female clients achieve their goals, develop and change the way they feel, the way they think, and the way they train. Whether those goals are toning up, losing weight, building muscle or improving sporting performance, she has the resources and experience to make it happen. And most importantly - the process should be fun!

Speaking Topic: The Power of Fitness - Fun, Fierce and Flexible. "Fitness" - resistance training? Competing in a sport? Walking with friends? Something else? Whatever fitness means for you, it is a bit like breathing - you need to do it to survive. Learn why developing your fitness will not only help you to be stronger, healthier and more powerful in you body but also in your wider life, business, relationships and mental health. 

Morgan Penn

26 August 2021 - Life Central, Mt Eden

Morgan Penn is a Somatic Sexologist, most well known for her Award Winning Podcast Trainee Sexologist with over 650,000 downloads.

Morgan is also featured on a weekly spot on The Edge radio station answering all the burning questions from listeners around sex, relationships and their bodies. Morgan's warm hearted, down to earth and often humorous approach to all things sex makes it a much more digestible subject. 

Morgan is passionate about pleasure of all sorts. She works with clients on a variety of sex related topics. From mismatched libido in couples to supporting women reconnecting with their own bodies and sensuality. 

“I am committed to educating and supporting people to have empowered sexual relationships and start the conversations of how to have great sex every day.”

Speaking Topic: The Importance of Great Sex. This talk will take you on a journey of all the in's and out's of what makes great sex, why it's important for mental, physical and emotional health and of course how to have it!

Event Series Dates & Times


3 August - Glasshouse, Morningside

10 August - Ellerslie Events Centre, Greenlane

17 August - B:Hive Smales Farm, Takapuna

26 August - Life Central, Mt Eden



Arrival from 5:30pm.

Speaker #1 at 6:15pm.

Speaker #2 at 6:55pm.

Speaker #3 at 7:30pm.

Finished by 8:30pm.

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Tickets just $40!

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