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Cultivating A Winning Mindset For Both Your Fitness And Your Personal Life

If you develop the WARRIOR mentality, nothing and no one can come between you and the realisation of your dream, whatever it may be.

What's the secret to getting your dream body?

What is the magical ingredient that makes it possible to achieve it?

Certainly, you need a good nutrition education.

Effective training is definitely needed.

Yet something is missing...


woman doing yoga on the deck in front of beach


You can have the perfect diet for you, and the best training protocol in the world, but if you don't have a warrior mentality, none of these things will work.

For your fitness plan to work, you need to find the right mindset in you, the mental attitude that will support you throughout the journey.

You have to get used to thinking and acting in a new way, different from what you have done so far.


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You have to start thinking and acting like a WARRIOR:

You must be FOCUSED: life will put you in front of a thousand obstacles along the way, which will make you falter, but if you have an overview and have a clear idea of ​​where you want to go, nothing can make you fall

You must be RESILIENT: you will have to resist shocks without breaking, coping with events in a positive way

You have to be PATIENT: change needs its own time, do not be in a hurry

You have to be CONFIDENT: trust me and yourself, your abilities and your strength

You have to make a COMMITMENT: every day, constantly

You have to put LOVE into it: towards yourself and in everything you are doing for yourself

You must have the INTERNAL FIRE: the internal force that moves you and keeps you going, always, in any case and in spite of everything.


Woman stretching on the beach


If you develop the WARRIOR mentality, nothing and no one can come between you and the realisation of your dream, whatever it may be.

Start thinking and acting like the person you want to be: this is the first step to becoming one.

Without the mental attitude of a warrior, those born lucky, with excellent genetics, will over time find themselves in a mediocre physique.

The mental attitude of a warrior, on the other hand, also leads those who start from a mediocre situation to obtain an exceptional physique!

If your dream is to have the strong, beautiful and muscular physique you have always desired, develop this warrior mentality, and combine it with training and nutrition that are perfect for you: there is no doubt that you will come true!


And an extra tip...

To have a winning mentality, therefore, it is necessary to know how to lose. Only by knowing how to accept defeat and knowing how to analyse it and use it to grow, do you develop the emotional and character skills necessary to develop a winning mentality. The difference between a winner and a loser is that the winner loses much more often than the loser because he gets involved many more times. A winner conceives a project and tries to make it happen, he knows he fails, he decides that the next time he will try another way. He will try again and if he fails again he will learn from his failure and keep trying very differently.

Training to grow is the paradigm that underlies the winning mentality. Competing with a winning mentality therefore means training for self-overcoming in which you exit a match having learned something new about sport, life and about yourself.

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