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Win a Harker Herbals and Amazonia Raw Pack

A great combo of plant-based goodness to change up your daily wellness routine! 

Harker Herbals plant-based, all natural formulations are a powerful support for good health, especially if you’re living an active lifestyle. Each dose delivers high strength herbs, vitamins and minerals specifically formulated to support your body to function at its best. A top choice for vegans and vegetarians, Harker Herbals is a classic Kiwi brand, keeping New Zealanders healthy for nearly 40 years. 

Vitamin C 650mg: Organic sea buckthorn berries deliver a whopping dose of vitamin C in every spoonful. Adjust the dose easily so you choose just what you need. Delicious straight or add to your favourite drink.

Iron Boost: Yummy berry flavoured iron formula to get your RDI of iron or just top up when you need it (you burn iron when exercising). This one is gentle on your stomach (but won’t block you up ☺)!

Immune Boost:  A super blend of herbs and Reishi your immune system will love. A great everyday addition to your wellness routine to support healthy energy levels and perfect in your green smoothie.

Amazonia Raw is Australia’s #1 Certified Organic Protein and Supplement range. All vitamins & minerals are derived from wholefood & marine extracts, for optimal absorption and bioavailability. The Raw range is free from gluten, dairy, synthetic additives, pesticides, GMOs, added sugar & is heavy metal tested – great for those following a plant based diet.


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NB. NZ residents only. Entrants must follow all steps in post to be eligible. Promotion runs on both Facebook and Instagram. Enter on both to increase your chances. Competition runs Friday 19 February to Friday 26 February 2021 8pm.⁠

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