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Fitness and Wellness Advertising in New Zealand to a target audience and health & fitness enthusiasts focused on living a healthy lifestyle

LiveFit is NZ's destination for everything health, fitness and wellness.


Expert advice, inspirational content, the latest health & fitness news, recipes, workouts, special offers, competitions and more, you'll find it at livefit.co.nz.


LiveFit provides an opportunity for your brand to advertise your fitness and wellness brand and get in front of an audience passionate and dedicated to their health & wellbeing. 

Our audience is 25-45 years, with a primary target of 25-34, predominantly female. While they love fitness and are always looking for ways they can look after themselves, they're also big on shopping and fashion, love to travel, an aspirational home owner and a bit of a 'foodie'. They're busy but appearance is important to them so frequent hair salons, beauty clinics and prioritise quality skincare, makeup and accessories.

If you want to reach your target audience while they consume all of the great content available at LiveFit, then talk to us about advertising your fitness and wellness brand. 


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Advertise online in NZ to connect, educate and sell your products and brand to consumers passionate about health and wellbeing.

Digital Fitness Advertising

Share your news and connect with health conscious consumers while they're online.

Utilise one of our online digital fitness and wellness advertising placements to showcase your brand and message to our target audience all year round, 24/7 via livefit.co.nz. From advertising display banners across the site to content, sponsorship, eDM and more! Reach the audience you want to get in front of, every day of the year.

Advertise at Live Events

Engage with a passionate community to showcase and advertise your brand.

In-person events are an integral way to showcase your brand and engage with your audience. They offer human connection. They create a valuable way to share your story, make your brand stand out and drive both online and in-store traffic to generate leads and build your database.

We bring the community together to share their love for health & wellbeing via a number of live events throughout the year. These highlight health and wellbeing and include wellness talks, workouts & bootcamp sessions, yoga, breakfasts and events focused on nutrition that you can align your brand with.

Festival Advertising and brand activation

An unrivalled two day festival experience featuring the best and most respected names in the industry and an opportunity to advertise and connect your brand with consumers.

Showcasing a range of fitness programmes and classes from world-class trainers alongside some of NZ's best health & wellness experts. Over two action-packed days, visitors can experience workouts, cooking demos, seminars, workshops, live action and much more!

The Festival is a high-energy, engaging event for you to strike up conversation with passionate attendees, generate sales both at the event and in the weeks and months following. It's the culmination of all that we do during the year and is also a fantastic way to build a database for those future communications, launch new products, conduct market research and make your brand stand out in a big way.


Festival Exhibiting & Participation Info

Get in contact with us to find out more about advertising opportunities with LiveFit.


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