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See some of NZ's best athletes compete in a range of different activities in a range of different sports including powerlifting, functional fitness and more that will see them being put through their paces and see them vying for a chance to top the podium and earn bragging rights as the best in NZ!




NZ Powerlifting Invitational

Powerlifting is the ultimate test of strength and something all gym-goers can relate to - how much can you squat, bench press and deadlift? Watch some of New Zealand's top strength athletes battle for the title of best pound for pound lifter in New Zealand

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Olympic Weightlifting NZ

Olympic Weightlifting is the gold standard in demonstrating strength, speed and skill. It involves two full body movements; the snatch and clean & jerk. See experienced lifters plus have a go yourself, learning the basics and getting tips from the best in the sport!

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