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Max Burn with Han Romano

An explosive, fast-paced and fun workout!

Sunday 11:15am

Fitness Studio 2


Max burn is a fun, fast, full noise 30 minutes of high intensity interval training. 

Research and science supports that these short, intensive bursts of movement followed by rest allows your heart rate to reach maximum rate (we call this "shocking your body"). 

Hiit workouts are a game changer! They promote fat burning, decrease body fat percent and improve speed, they are ideal for people who have busy lives and minimal time to exercise. 

The word intensity can put a lot of people off, remember this is YOUR intensity, you go as hard as YOU can! The time will go quick (I promise you that) 

This HIIT workout is suitable for all fitness levels and combines push-ups, squats, lunges, bear crawls, kick sits, star jumps, mountain climbers and a laugh to ensure you reach that MAX BURN!. All exercises have scaling options to suit YOUR fitness level, abilities and I can want to see you there! 



NB. Workouts are based on first come, first served basis. There is no need to pre-book for this workout. Get there early to secure your spot!




Workout - FREE! (included in your event entry!)


*You must have a GA entry ticket into the festival to access the workout. Presentation of ticket is required to partake. Numbers are limited.

About the trainer

Han Romano

Hannah Romano is the founder of the HAN ROMANO online fitness programme. During the past ten years as a Health and Fitness Coach, Han has helped thousands of clients just like you to feel good about themselves and their bodies. Her clients are her inspiration, whether they are beginners or elite athletes. Her goal is supporting and challenging people to achieve their goals. 

She delivers new workouts every week that are fun, easy to follow along with and can be easily worked into a busy schedule. You don’t need fancy gym equipment, just the motivation to get your fitness gear on, and get into it. The best part? You can do her workouts anywhere! At home in the lounge, in your backyard, when you’re travelling for work, on holiday – the list goes on. Think of Han as your very own on-demand personal trainer!



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