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Returning to Exercise Postpartum

Getting back into exercise after having a baby is a big deal, so why does nobody talk about it!?

Sunday 11:00am


Getting back into exercise after having a baby is a big deal, so why does nobody talk about it!?

So your little bundle of joy has arrived. Thank goodness it's goodbye to reflux, peeing a million times in the night, sleeping on your side, full body bloating and alllll the cravings. Hello to putting on your own shoes! Lying on your stomach, soft cheese, hummus and sushi!

You've had your six-week check-up and you are keen to crack back into your exercise! You've been waiting a long time for a good sweat up and you are so ready to get movin!

Before you race back to your local bootcamp or gym class there are a few do's and don'ts every mum needs to know but... unfortunately they don’t get shared often.

During this workshop Renee will share with you her journey in returning to exercise postpartum, she'll touch on the important things you need to know about returning to exercise, why seeing a female physio is so important, she'll chat what is an isn't normal when it comes to your pelvic floor and core and what to expect from your Personal Trainer.

About the speaker

Renee Norman

Renee Norman is REPS registered Personal Trainer, Holistic Health Coach and is Co-founder of She Moves Fitness Collective an online fitness community run through Facebook.

She Moves is about helping women move forward – towards better physical and mental health, more confidence and the best version of themselves. She Moves offer a range of online fitness classes each week including HIIT, Low Impact, Pelvic Floor & Core Restore, Yoga, Barre and Pregnancy safe exercise options.



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