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Coola Organic Skincare

A More Beautiful Healthy™ begins with a healthy skin barrier.

You may know COOLA from the amazing suncare range of products but now having made its way to NZ shores, the new COOLA Organic Skincare range is available now and is your skin’s first line of protection—keeping moisture and nutrients in and modern-day environmental and digital stressors out. COOLA Organic Skincare goes beyond a single step in your routine to help fortify your skin’s natural barrier as you cleanse, moisturise and nourish.


coola skincare moon silk


The COOLA Organic Skincare range features seven products including the Glowing Greens Cleanser, Pacific Polish Exfoliator, Vital Rush Serum, The Great Barrier Cream Moisturiser, Reawakening Face Spray and the Moon Silk Mask. Each product has powerful, naturally effective plant-derived actives specially chosen for their barrier benefits.

All COOLA products are 70+ Certified Organic, cruelty free, gluten free, vegan and packaged in fully recyclable packaging.


coola skincare reawakening



Utilising three steps, you can create a healthy skin barrier. 


1. Remove Stressors

Products: Glowing Greens Detoxifying Facial Cleansing Gel and Pacific Polish Gentle Sea Salt Facial Exfoliator


2. Support Skin's Natural Barrier

Products: Vital Rush™ Skin Renewal Serum and The Great Barrier Cream™ Fortifying Moisturizer


3. Restore Stressed Skin

Products: Moon Silk Moisture Recharging Mask and Rewakening™ Rosewater Mist


Find out more at COOLA.co.nz


coola skincare range

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