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Stick Mobility

Stick Mobility is a revolutionary system designed to help you move better than you ever have and take your performance to the next level.

Stick Mobility is a training system that improves your flexibility, strength, and coordination. The Stick Mobility system can be adapted to suit all activity levels making it an extremely versatile and valuable addition to your training.


Stick Mobility being demonstrated by women in gym


From CrossFit to the Weekend Warrior, Strength Training to Post Rehab, Desk Jockey to Longevity, Stick Mobility is a force multiplier to get to you to the next level of movement and performance and is suitable for any age pr performance level.

The goal is to help strengthen the areas of your body needed to improve your ability to perform aspects of daily activities, occupations and sports. This is achieved through improving the three aspects of true mobility – joint range of motion, strength and neuro-motor control. By utilising the flexible Stick, you can work on either of these in isolation, or perform movements that incorporate all three aspects together.


Stick Mobility demonstrated by man in gym


Traditionally people would spend some time doing static stretching, and in the short term they might get some flexibility gains, but their improved flexibility is often gone the next day. Rather than chasing short term flexibility, the system focuses on improving overall mobility. What do we mean by that? Flexibility could be considered the total passive range, whereas mobility could be considered the total range that a person can control.


Find out more at stickmobility.co.nz

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