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HADO™, by The Shadownet

HADO™ is the first augmented reality sport available right here in New Zealand! Experience it at LiveFit!

You'll be surprised at how technology can actually promote movement! It doesn't have to be going to a gym or running for what feels like forever. As long as you move a little bit each day. With advances in technology, AR is one way that encourages you to move more and it's loads of fun too!

HADO™ is the first augmented reality sport that allows players to run freely within player v player, 2v2 or 3v3 arena battles.

HADO™ involves throwing superhuman energy balls at opponents and deploying protective shields. Success in this sport depends upon a mix of agility and strategy.

It means you can battle it out against mates and peers while you run around trying not to get hit! A bit like dodgeball but with superhuman energy balls instead of balls and protective shields...all with augmented reality! Check out the video below to see more!



They'll be set up at LiveFit all weekend so come and see how technology can actually help to promote movement and being active in a fun and engaging way! Take on a friend and battle it out!

This activity is FREE as part of your entry in to the Festival!

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