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10 Fruits for an Extra Energy Boost in Your Morning Smoothie

Brain fog and a lack of energy is all too common in the morning. What if your morning smoothie could fix that?

The key to a natural energy boost is picking the right nutrients. You should prioritise natural sugars, complex carbs, fiber, and antioxidant vitamins – like vitamin C – to fight fatigue. And what’s a perfect food that contains most/all of these nutrients – fruit!

You can add fresh fruit into your daily routine in many ways, but a smoothie is a great, on-the-go option to pack energising fruit into your morning. 

Try these ten fruits in your smoothie to help beat morning fatigue with a boost of steady energy. 


1. Banana

Bananas are high in natural, complex sugars and rich in fiber. Fiber slows down digestion of the sugar, making bananas a great source of steady energy.  

They’re also a great source of energy boosting micronutrients like potassium and vitamin B6. 

Bunch of bananas


2. Goji Berries

Goji is a centuries old remedy, used in Chinese medicine due to its many health benefits. These berries are packed with fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that benefits the body. They also have plenty of natural sugars for a steady release of energy.


3. Avocados

Avocados are considered a superfood and are another great energy-booster for your morning smoothie!

These unconventional fruits are filled with good, unsaturated fatty acids that increase nutrient absorption in the body and improves mental clarity.


Avocado sliced on a chopping board


4. Oranges

Oranges are famous for high amounts of vitamin C. They are also filled with many antioxidants, which reduce oxidative stress and general fatigue. 

Many other citrus fruits can provide the same benefits, including – grapefruit, tangelos, lemons, limes, etc.


5. Watermelon

Need a fruit that keeps you energized and well hydrated? Watermelon has you covered!

This juicy melon contains a 92% water content, but also contains vitamins B, C, A, and energy-boosting minerals like potassium. 


Watermelon pieces on a table


6. Dates

Dates are an popular sugar-replacement in baked goods, but they can also be a sugary addition to your morning smoothie!

These fruits have an amazing nutrient profile to benefit your body and energy levels.


7. Black Sapote

Black sapote – also known as the ‘chocolate pudding fruit’ – is a type of persimmon native to Central and Southern America. 

This delicious won’t only make your next smoothie extremely creamy and delicious, but it will also provide you with instant energy. 


Black Sapote or Chocolate Pudding Fruit on a platter


8. Guava

Guava not only taste delicious, but can also provide energy and benefit digestive health. They contain plenty of natural sugar and lots of fiber


9. Papaya

The tropical fruit papaya can improve your energy levels with plenty of complex carbs, fiber, vitamins C and A, and potassium. It also beats morning fatigue! 


Papaya cut open on a plate with other fruits


10. Strawberries

Last on the list, but not least, is strawberries. These delicious red berries contain plenty of complex carbs, sugar, and fiber to keep your energy levels steady. Strawberries can also help fight inflammation, stress, and fatigue.



Add Energy-Boosting Fruits to Your Smoothie Today!

These ten fruits can give your smoothie the extra energy boost you need in the morning! Which will you try first?

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