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Moving and Eating Right For You

Join Lisa Grey, BePure’s Clinical Manager, to unravel the uniqueness of human bodies, and explain why eating and moving for your unique body is your next step towards optimal health and fitness.



In today’s fast-paced world, there is an overwhelming amount of information out there when it comes to looking and feeling our best.

There is no “one-size fits all” diet or exercise regime, and what we find works best is working with the beauty of our biochemical individuality. Biochemical Individuality is just a fancy way of saying that you are uniquely different from any other human on this planet and therefore, the exercise and dietary regime your body needs to be healthy is unique to you.

Unique to your DNA, your microbiome, your hormonal balance, your lifestage and your lifestyle - and it can change across time and context!

Join Lisa Grey, BePure’s Clinical Manager, to unravel the uniqueness of human bodies, and explain why eating and moving right for you is your next step towards optimal health and fitness.


Things you will learn

Why ‘exercise more and eat less’ is not necessarily the answer for long term weight management and fitness - The power of the nervous system on wellbeing and body composition - What biochemical individuality is and what this means for your unique body - How to biohack your exercise and dietary regime without fancy technology (or little use of)


Who is this for?

This talk is perfect for you if;

  • Anyone who is confused by all the messages in the media about how to exercise and what to eat
  • Anyone wanting to fine tune their current workout diet regime, optimising for overall health and wellness
  • Anyone who has been exercising and eating a certain way for some time and is either
    • a) not getting results or
    • b) has found it no longer works for them
  • Anyone interesting in learning about a holistic approach to optimal health and fitness


About the speaker

Lisa Grey

Having worked in the health and fitness industry for the past 8 years, Lisa has a developed a deep love for the interconnection between the body, mind, and soul. With a strong curiosity in the ‘why’ behind our health concerns, Lisa has a keen interest in the interwoven physiological and psychological components of wellbeing that are unique to each individual.

Lisa specialises in hormonal well-being, mental health, fatigue, gut health and women’s health. She is passionate about empowering others to ‘do it for their cells’ so they can be the best version of themselves possible.

Training and Experience:
BA in psychology from Massey University
Diploma in Nutritional Science from The Naturopathic College of New Zealand
Diploma in Fitness from Fitlink New Zealand
Certificate 3 and 4 in Personal Training from the New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness

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