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Two Islands Nightcap

calm a busy mind and relax the body to support falling asleep with new Two Islands Nightcap

Two Islands Nightcap


Two Islands Nightcap is a natural herbal elixir supporting relaxation and quality restorative sleep. This synergistic blend helps calm a busy mind and relax the body to support falling asleep and most importantly, staying soundly asleep.

Tart Cherry supports the body’s natural sleep patterns while Passionflower supports a sound sleep. Together these phytonutrients help support sleep duration and quality.


Two Islands Nightcap


Scientifically researched Safr’Inside™ Saffron is a superstar supporter of mood and a quiet mind, and also helps soothe nervous tension. Herbal adaptogen Ashwagandha provides further nervous system support helping to support you to unwind and de-stress. Combined with Passionflower and Tart Cherry to support relaxation of the body, this powerful formula is the ideal recipe to support a deep, regenerative night’s sleep. 

Redefine your evening ritual with Two Islands Nightcap and wake up feeling replenished and energised. Because every good day starts with a good night’s sleep.

Find out more at twoislandsco.com

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